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Update on Harbor of Refuge Dock Project
September 4, 2016

        As you know, Delaware River and Bay Lighthouse Foundation has been without a dock for quite some time. The Foundation began a capital campaign for replacement of the docking system. The community, members and donors have generously donated over $100,000 in the past six years. However, this was not enough to tackle this monumental off-shore project.

        After Hurricane Sandy, a Federal grant through the United States Department of Interior for Sandy Relief for historic properties became available. The Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs for The State of Delaware is the administrator.

        The State made us aware of this grant and the Foundation applied for these monies. We were very fortunate to be the recipient of enough money to cover the cost of the dock which is over $650,000.

        The Foundation obtained quotes for engineering of the dock, an assessment of the interior and integrity of the Light and assistance with regulatory issues pertaining to the specs. Working as a team with the State of Delaware, Keast and Hood was awarded the contract.

        They will do an exterior and interior assessment of Harbor of Refuge once the dock is completed.

        Marine Technologies based out of Baltimore, was chosen to build the new dock. They have prefabricated concrete panels and structural steel and will assemble these components once mobilized at Harbor of Refuge. The start date of this project is September 20, 2016. The Foundation has been given an estimate of two weeks installation with Marine Technologies working around the clock.

        Our thanks go out to The Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs of The State of Delaware, The United Stated Department of Interior, our generous donors and members. The Foundation is so thankful to have such generous donors within our community, all of the patrons who purchased our merchandise, our outreach programs, and tours and sunset cruises over the years. Every dollar counted in this tremendous fundraising initiative.

        There is still more work to do such as interior and exterior painting, and general restoration. The Foundation welcomes financial help and volunteers through our next phase of restoration.

        Follow us on Facebook to see updates on this project.

Thank you for you continued support,
The Delaware River and Bay Lighthouse Foundation Board of Directors

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